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 I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the key highlights and accomplishments our team has achieved over the recent months. Please use your key to enter the protected INVESTORS area. The ITC GROUP team remains very active on many fronts including the next major phase in going to the stock market in 2020.


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The Group’s companies will seek to capitalize on the excellent reputation of German quality and engineering in China and maximize group internal synergy effects in process optimization and product development.



ITC’s aim is to create an integrated industrial complex, serving global markets with German precision engineered parts, products and services made in China. The principal production base is located in Qingdao, Shandong  Province, PR China.



The company holds interests in metal parts manufacturing, special machinery assembly as well as agricultural and environmental technologies.

*Industrial Technical Corporation Limited (" ITC") is a subsidiary of Industrial Technical Holding Corporation ("ITHC").

ITC Group encompasses its Holding Company and its subsidiaries:

ITHC, incorporated in the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, is the owner of ITC, which is incorporated in HONG KONG.

ITC is the owner of CSSC Technical Products Ltd., FORTSCHRITT Agritech, and is a 50% owner of the PlanET Joint Venture.

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